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Fintech Predictions for 2021

  • Corporations will continue the trend of investing heavily in Fintech. In 2020, we saw this among Facebook, Apple, Netflix, Google, and Amazon
  • Biometrics will play a bigger role in the way we transact. Laptops, mobile devices, and gyms are conditioning us to scan our fingerprints. The state is installing facial recognition equipment on bridges and tunnels. The list continues
  • Mobile commerce will continue to surge and new ways to make payments will emerge.
  • Finfluencers will drive fintech on social media platforms where they sling digital banking for teens and other services
  • With Bitcoin eclipsing $30,000 per coin, crypto transactions will increase as more e-tailers and retailers accept bitcoin and other digital currencies
  • Buy Now Pay Later, or BNPL will continue to rise because who cares about debt?
  • Consumer banking will continue to be digitized. Mobile app deposit limits will increase and billpay will be further automated
  • The Communist Party of China will take full control of Alibaba, given the disappearance of billionaire founder Jack Ma after he made statements about reform
  • Smart contracts will begin to drive the way we do business
  • We’ll see more regulations instituted under a President Biden administration
  • IPO roadshows where founders pound the pavement to pitch investors will move almost entirely online because of COVID-19
  • COVID-19 (and COVID-20 and onward) will continue to be the reason that legislators use to stifle small business
  • Small businesses will continue to innovate in response to COVID-19
  • Alternatives to doctor and drug store visits will continue to boom, such as CBD companies
  • The restaurant industry will be completely transformed because of COVID-19 lockdowns
  • Office environments will go extinct. They’ll be replaced with better work-from-home models and shared spaces
  • Corporate giants will continue to buy out their competition. Visa acquired Plaid and continues its involvement in Klarna. Facebook bought WhatsApp